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How to let the customers know the Royal Products of Royal Bearings?

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Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a new market leader, with high-tech bearing employees, relatively advanced bearing processing equipment, stable production capacity and very professional bearing management staff. * Let customers know and make them safe to use the first time? Then one of the methods is web articles. 上海御微轴承有限公司法兰轴承

The online article is one of the important links of Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.'s online promotion and publicity. With the help of the website, customers and audiences can fully understand Yuwei's various types of information. If a website is not updated and has no fresh content, the website will give the impression of no vitality and make people feel that the company's people are lazy and unprofessional. The role of online articles is to say that it can promote Yuwei's overall image, and to say that it can directly attract customers to Yuwei. Therefore, the regular publication of online articles is a point that cannot be ignored, so how can we publish an easy-to-understand online article that makes the audience feel that there is something to watch? Next, Yuwei Bearing will discuss and share some of our experiences and operation methods with you.

An audience

When writing online articles, you need to consider Yuwei ’s audience. The audience refers to people who read Yuwei ’s bearing online articles. There are four main types of people who read Yuwei ’s online articles.

End customer

The relevant audience of end customers is mainly technical staff and procurement staff.

2.Reseller customers

3. Industry peers

4. Related media in the industry

For these audiences, Yuwei Bearing must consider their relevant knowledge and understanding of the bearing, which is an indisputable fact. Therefore, Yuwei Bearing's online articles must be not only easy to understand but also professional.

Eye-catching second title

It is important that an article first attracts the attention of the audience. Therefore, an internet article must have an eye-catching title or introduction. To put it plainly, it means 'biaotou'. If the title of Shanghai Yuwei Bearing's article is plain, it cannot be found in the ocean of the Internet. From the perspective of the audience, think about it. If the online article written by Yuwei Bearing does not have an eye-catching title, customers or prospective customers will definitely not read this article.

Three contents are expected

It is not enough to have a good title for an Internet article. Although it attracts others, the content of the article is lack of attention and technical content. Others can judge whether to take the time to read the first paragraph of the article. So the first paragraph of the article is very important to give the audience what you want to express in this article. Internet articles are generally divided into three paragraphs, starting, developing, and ending mainly. It can also break the conventional multi-segment approach, and the content word range is preferably between 450-900 words.

御微轴承网络推广 So here comes the problem that Yuwei Bearing needs to consider.

1. Topics of Royal Micro Bearings

The topic is what do we write? Some colleagues of Shanghai Yuwei Bearing have written too many articles and don't know what to write? . In fact, in daily work, pay attention to what you can write out. I think that the subject matter should be combined with the bearing types promoted by Yuwei Network Department, such as deep groove ball bearings, plane thrust bearings, dental drill bearings, Magnetic bearings, miniature motor bearings, etc., are divided into carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, ceramic bearings and non-standard bearings, etc. These categories are all promoted by Yuwei and are relatively mature. If we choose the topic in combination with the promotion content of the network department, it will be icing on the cake to achieve better results. If we deviate from the promotion content of the network department, not only do we write online articles that take time and effort, but also bring us some "extra things" during the sales process, we often encounter some customers asking some models that we are not good at Yuwei Bearing believes that this has something to do with Yuwei writing a marginal Internet article.

You can write about some of the problems that customers reflected to us during Yuwei's after-sales service. How did Yuwei solve this problem? You can also write Yuwei bearings designed and developed a new product to solve a particular problem; you can also write The experience of Yuwei Bearing in the daily sales process and so on.

2. Selection of Royal Bearings

After the topic is selected, Yuwei Bearing knows what to write. Next, we need to select materials, which is to collect some information based on our own topics. So where does Yuwei collect information?

(1) Summary and accumulation in daily work

In the daily sales process, Yuwei Bearing will get a lot of information about production and customer feedback, including technical drawings, use effects, what problems need to be resolved? What problems have been resolved? And so on technical parameters. Yuwei companies can summarize these information, and then write these materials into online articles.

(2) Authoritative magazines and periodicals, Baidu experience, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu library, authoritative websites in the industry, etc.

When collecting information, you can use these channels to find more, and the information obtained will be more formal and comprehensive. After finding the information, Yuwei Company needs to write and write the article through its own understanding and digestion. Remember that you must not copy and paste photos, that is, after you find the information, you can write the article in your own words through your own understanding.

(3) Product photos and technical drawings

This is why Shanghai Yuwei Bearing made the intention. It is because it plays an important role in an Internet article. As the saying goes, "There is a picture and the truth" is only persuasive and authentic. Only with pictures can the online articles have vitality, which can convince the broad audience.

(4) The articles written mainly adopt the case method

The article is presented in the form of a successful case. Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. encountered a certain field during the sales process, especially customers in a representative field. Write the problem that this customer encountered, how did Yuwei set up a project to solve this problem, and write this case out. This can attract other customers in a specific small area to pay attention to Yuwei. In the process of writing, "just tell the facts, not the stories" is enough. 御微轴承网络文章

yw@gifudayo.com ,企业网站: gifudayo.com To understand the promotion of Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.'s other methods-and see the next decomposition, if you have better suggestions or bearing needs, you can continue to pay attention to Yuwei Bearing public account and Yuwei hotline: 021-51099639 Email: yw @ yw -brg.com , company website: gifudayo.com

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Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
Phone: 021-51099639
Fax: 021-51861291
Enterprise email: yw@gifudayo.com
Address: 2758 Songjin Road, Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China
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