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Customized ceramic bearings
Miniature bearings

Bearing steel miniature ball bearing types include: one, deep groove ball metric 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, MR series and inch R series, a total of 7 types, in ... see more

Stainless steel bearings

Compared with ordinary bearings, stainless steel bearings not only have obvious advantages in terms of material, but also have stricter technical and precision control than ordinary bearings ... view more

Ceramic bearing

All ceramic bearing rings and balls are made of ceramic material. Hybrid ceramic bearings are composed of bearing steel rings and ceramic balls. Ceramic material: silicon nitride ... see more

Small and medium-sized deep groove ball bearings

Small and medium-sized deep groove ball bearings are the most common type in rolling bearings. The basic deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a group of steel balls ... see more

Non-standard custom bearings

Non-standard bearings are non-standard bearings. In popular terms, they are bearings that do not meet the external dimensions specified by national standards, that is, the external dimensions are different from national standards ... Read More

Popular bearings

Popular bearings include: fishing gear bearing series, dental drill bearing series, fingertip gyro bearing series, micro motor bearing series, high precision instrument bearing series ... view more

Bearings for daily life

Yuwei has adopted the quenching equipment, numerical control equipment and control instruments synchronized with the world level to ensure the good performance of daily life special bearings; ...

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Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd., with the product trademark "YW", was established in the 1990s. It is an old-fashioned miniature bearing manufacturer in Shanghai. Located in Shanghai, it has convenient transportation, advanced communications, and an excellent geographical location. The factory covers an area of 12,000 square meters and a building area of 6,000 square meters. Closed production from factory to finished product. In order to allow enterprises to better participate in market competition, the company's domestic and foreign sales business is officially separated ...

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[Dental drill bearings] -Shen Zhuan experts-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-speed dental drill mobile phones. The bearings are made of high-quality steel (AlSi440c). The balls are high-quality steel balls or ceramic balls (Si3N4). Strict, to ensure that the bearing can rotate under the air pressure of 200-250Kpa, the speed can reach 350000 ~ 450000rpm, the working life of the bearing under normal conditions can reach more than 6 months. The manufacturing accuracy meets the P4 level requirements in the national standard GB / T307.1.2005, with more than 20 varieties, suitable for domestic and foreign ... Read More ''

[Food special supporting bearings]-[Stainless steel bearings] The best choice

The stainless steel bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. are widely used in the food and beverage industry. Yuwei stainless steel bearings and food special bearings are entered through strict materials. To control the processing of each stainless steel bearing, Respond to routine flushing, steam cleaning, contamination, possibly high temperatures, fluids and other corrosive materials. Food special supporting bearings must also meet the strict sanitary standards of the food industry. Yuwei Bearing's food grade stainless steel bearings are added ... see more

Yuwei takes you to know about the all-rounder- [Yuwei ceramic structural parts]

The ceramic structural parts produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. are divided into: zirconia ceramic structural parts, silicon nitride ceramic structural parts, and silicon nitride ceramic structural parts. Royal micro-ceramic structural parts have high and low temperature resistance, high load bearing, wear resistance, non-magnetic insulation and the best corrosion resistance. It can be applied to ordinary metals such as strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature, dust-free vacuum, inorganic, organic salt, seawater, etc. Bearings can't adapt to the environment-without contaminating materials and the environment. Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. can produce all kinds of ceramics according to customer requirements ... View More

Yuwei Bearing teaches you how to choose [Ceramic Bearing]?

As a kind of important mechanical basic parts, Yuwei ceramic bearings have excellent performance, high temperature resistance, super strength and other characteristics that cannot be achieved by bearings made of metal materials. In the past ten years, it has received more and more attention in the field of national production: According to the use of ceramic bearings: First, it can be used in high temperature equipment such as furnaces, plastics, and steel-because the expansion coefficient is small. Second, it can be applied in the fields of strong acid, strong alkali, inorganic, organic salt, seawater, etc., such as: electroplating equipment, electronic equipment, chemical ... see more

What are the characteristics of [ceramic bearings] produced by Yuwei Bearing Company?

What are the characteristics of ceramic bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.? To know the characteristics of ceramic bearings, let's first understand the composition of Yuwei ceramic bearings: What are the parts of Yuwei ceramic bearings? Ferrules and rolling elements are made of all-ceramic materials, including zirconia (ZrO2), silicon nitride (Si3N4), and silicon carbide (Sic). The holder is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, nylon 66, polyetherimide, zirconia, silicon nitride, stainless steel or special aviation aluminum ...

[Dental drill bearings] Experts-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.

First of all, let's find out what is a dental drill bearing, also known as a high-speed turbine dental drill mobile phone bearing. The implication is the bearings used in dentist phones. The working principle of the dental drill bearing produced by Yuwei Bearing is that the turbine, the bearing and the shaft are in interference fit and driven by compressed air to rotate at a high speed as a whole, driving the collet and the drill bit installed in the shaft hole to work. As we all know, the micro drill drill bearings are mainly used in dentistry. It is also used on high-speed sanders. As a professional manufacturer of dental drill bearings-on ... see more

[Stainless steel bearings] Experts-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.

The stainless steel bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. are divided into martensitic stainless steel bearings (420,440) and austenitic stainless steel bearings (304,316). Compared with ordinary steel bearings, martensitic stainless steel bearings produced by Yuwei Bearing have stronger rust and corrosion resistance, and also have high mechanical strength, large load capacity, high speed and other characteristics. They are widely used in food processing, medical equipment, Pharmaceutical machinery. But it should be noted that ... see more

[Miniature Bearings] Experts-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.

The miniature bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. are a type of deep groove ball bearings. Generally, the miniature bearings we refer to are single-row miniature deep groove ball bearings with an inner diameter within 10 mm. Royal Micro Bearings can provide miniature ball bearings in a variety of materials, including bearing steel, stainless steel and ceramics. In addition to conventional miniature bearings, Yuwei can also manufacture miniature flange bearings, miniature thrust bearings, and can also customize miniature non-standard bearings according to customer requirements. Ultra-small apertures produced in Yuwei ... view more

[Ceramic self-aligning ball bearings] Features

In the development and application of engineering products such as ceramics, ceramic self-aligning ball bearings are widely used in ceramic engineering. Self-aligning ball ceramic bearings, rings and rolling elements use zirconia (ZrO2) or silicon nitride ceramic materials. The holder uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as a standard configuration. Generally, glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (GRPA66-25), special engineering plastics (PEEK), and stainless steel (AISI SUS304) can be used. The high temperature resistance can reach 260 degrees. , With oil-free self-lubrication, high-speed operation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high load ... view more

Yuwei [alloy steel high temperature bearing] and [high temperature ceramic ball bearing] introduction

Alloy steel high temperature bearing is added with high temperature grease, excellent mechanical properties, low cost, suitable for low speed, high load and harsh environment. Through special treatment of alloy steel, we have manufactured bearings that can operate normally at 800 degrees Celsius. Technical characteristics: Material: AISI 52100 steel, alloy steel, temperature range: -30 ℃ to 800 ℃, surface treatment: manganese phosphate surface treatment, speed: low speed, clearance: C4, large clearance to compensate thermal expansion ... view More

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing National Day Holiday Notice

The flying dragon is your symbol; the flying phoenix is your incarnation. History has long engraved your name on the eternal monument. On the occasion of the 70th birthday of the motherland of the motherland, Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. wishes the motherland prosperity and prosperity, and wishes everyone a happy National Day and a happy family! Our National Day holiday schedule is as follows: National Day holiday 7 days, October 1st to October 7th, October 8th officially go to work, rest ... View More

{Stainless steel bearings} also need anti-rust maintenance?

Stainless steel bearings also need anti-rust maintenance? Yes, as long as there is a relative carbon content, there is a possibility of rust, but the smaller the carbon content, the less likely it is to rust! Why does stainless steel rust? When brown rust spots appeared on the surface of stainless steel pipes, people were surprised: "Stainless steel will not rust, rust is not stainless steel, it must be a problem with the steel." In fact, stainless steel will rust under certain conditions. ... see more

[Stainless steel bearings] Why is there a small amount of magnetism?

Generally speaking, austenite is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, while martensite or ferrite is magnetic. Due to component segregation or improper heat treatment during smelting or forging, a small amount of martensite will be contained in austenitic stainless steel. Or ferrite. In this way, austenitic stainless steel will have weak magnetic properties. In addition, after cold working of austenitic stainless steel, the structure will also be transformed to martensite. The greater the degree of deformation during cold working, the more martensite transformation ... View More

Yuwei company car aromatherapy bearings

At present, the number of private cars is increasing, and the space inside the car is small, and the air mobility is poor. The decorations in the car easily absorb odors, are difficult to remove, and easily leave a variety of odors in the car, making people feel uncomfortable. In order to improve the air quality in the car, people like to place aromatherapy devices in the car to cover other odors in the car and improve the environment inside the car. At present, the aromatherapy device with solid aroma material is more and more popular with users because of its advantages over liquid aroma material. However, it is difficult for solid aromatherapy to fully emit the scent, and it cannot effectively play the role of aromatherapy device. ... see more

Yuwei company [ceramic bearings] self-analysis

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of ceramic bearings. There are two types of ceramic bearings: hybrid ceramic bearings and full ceramic bearings. The rolling element of the hybrid ceramic ball bearing is made of ceramic material, and the ferrule is made of chrome steel or stainless steel. The all-ceramic rolling elements and rings are made of ceramic material. Different ceramic materials have different characteristics. Yuwei ceramic materials are further divided into silicon nitride (Si3N4), zirconia (ZRO2), silicon carbide (Sic) ceramic high temperature bearings are mainly used for extreme ... Read More ''

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing May Day Holiday Notice

After hard work and sweat, the fruits of success are about to be harvested. On the occasion of Labor Day, Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. sincerely greets you: You have worked hard. May you enjoy the happiness of work and the joy of a good harvest, and a happy May Day. Our company ’s May 1 Labor Day holiday schedule is as follows: May 1 Labor Day is closed for 4 days, May 1st to May 4th, and May 5th officially goes to work. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during the holiday! see more

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing National Day Holiday Notice

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing National Day Holiday Notice All employees of Yuwei Bearing in accordance with relevant national regulations combined with the actual situation of our company have decided through research that the specific arrangements for the 2018 National Day holiday are as follows: 1. Holiday time: October 2018 1 It will be closed from 7th to 7th October for a total of 7 days. 2, ... see more

To find Yuwei-[hybrid ceramics] overview

First of all, Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. will take you through the overview of hybrid ceramic bearings: (1), high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic balls, under high temperature environment will not cause the bearing ball to expand due to temperature, which greatly improves The operating temperature of the entire bearing, the temperature of ordinary bearings is about 160 degrees, the ceramic ball can reach more than 220 degrees. (2), high speed, ceramic ball has oil-free self-lubricating properties, ceramic ball friction coefficient is small, so ceramic ball bearings have a high speed. According to statistics, the use of ceramic ball bearings is 1.5 times the speed of general bearings. .See more

[Non-standard bearings] Wanjin oil in assembly field-Shanghai Yuwei

People who are related to bearings know that in the production of bearings, many non-standard bearings are usually developed and designed in accordance with customer needs. Therefore, we will provide samples to customers for confirmation according to drawings. The purpose of this is not to inform customers and prove our bearings. Whether to process according to the drawings and control according to the requirements, but when the customer receives the samples and the supporting parts of the bearing or the assembly with the equipment, if it is found that the previous design and some dimensions need to be perfected, then within a certain tolerance range, Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Yuwei Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can also see more ...

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. May Day Holiday Notice

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. May Day holiday notice to all departments of Yuwei: May Day 2018 is approaching. According to the national statutory holidays and the actual situation of the company, the following arrangements are made for the May Day holiday in 2018: Holidays from April 29 to May 1 (... view more

Is it useful to attend an exhibition? -Everything is good with all your heart

China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), founded in 1979, is held twice a year in spring and autumn. After 38 years of continuous development, it has become the largest medical equipment and related products and services exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. The contents of the exhibition comprehensively covered tens of thousands of products including medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics, electronics, optics, first aid, rehabilitation care, mobile medicine, medical services, hospital construction, medical information technology, wearables, etc., directly and comprehensively serving medical devices The industry covers the entire medical industry chain from source to terminal. This session has 28 ... see more

Kaleidoscope of Shanghai Yuwei Company-[Stainless Steel Bearing]

The miniature stainless steel bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. are mainly divided into the following types: 316L stainless steel. 304 stainless steel. 440C stainless steel and 420 stainless steel. So what are the characteristics of miniature stainless steel bearings produced by Yuwei Company? First of all, compared to ceramic and plastic materials, stainless steel has high hardness and is suitable for a wide range of machinery and equipment. Secondly, it has high processing accuracy and is suitable for high-precision equipment. Again, or 316, the material is resistant to corrosion and can be used in food. Mechanical equipment ... view more

[Hybrid ceramic bicycle bearings] Experts-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.

Stainless steel hybrid ceramic bearings for bicycles produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. are suitable for sports environments that require heavy loads and high speeds. Lightweight ceramic balls provide faster speeds, and stainless steel ferrules provide excellent rust and corrosion resistance. The sealing ring allows the bearing to rotate smoothly and prevents dust and debris from entering the bearing. The special grease applied to the bearing eliminates the trouble of maintenance. These bearings are suitable for various demanding bicycles such as roads, mountains, and small wheels. The material of Yuwei bicycle bearings is: inner and outer ring-AISI440C, ball-SI3N4 ... view more

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. Qingming Festival Holiday Notice

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. Qingming Festival Holiday Notice In 2018, the Qingming Festival holiday is approaching. According to the national holiday holiday regulations and considering the actual situation of Yuwei, Yuwei special will make the 2018 Qingming Festival holiday ... View More

Shanghai Yuwei [Miniature Thin Wall Bearing] Features, Classification and Application Introduction

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional thin-walled bearing expert. Yuwei-thin-walled bearings have achieved extremely thin bearing sections and also achieved miniaturization and weight reduction. The diversity of products has expanded its range of uses. Miniature thin-wall bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei have the characteristics of low vibration, low noise, high rotation accuracy, low friction torque, excellent sealing performance, high-speed running performance, beautiful appearance and reasonable price, and long life. The company has an annual production capacity of 30 million sets of various types of bearings. Yuweisheng ... view more

[Full Ceramic Bearing] produced by Shanghai Yuwei

What are the characteristics of all ceramic bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.? First of all, the all-ceramic bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei have five advantages: 1. The weight of Yuwei ceramic bearings is lighter. Yuwei ceramic bearings are much lighter than ordinary bearings. The weight of Yuwei ceramic bearings is only the same type of ordinary bearings. 30% to 40%. The advantage of Yuwei ceramic bearing's low weight is that it reduces the centrifugal force of the outer ring when the bearing itself rotates, and the increase and slip of the dynamic body load caused by the centrifugal force.

Yuwei [Miniature Bearings] Exploring New Markets-Discovering * New World *

With the continuous development of Chinese industry, the special government has formulated an industry development plan for the high-end bearing casting industry in China. As early as a few years ago, the country formulated a policy of driving the development of the domestic mold industry with projects and export carriages. Especially in 2017, driven by the development of various fields such as rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automotive lightweight, rail transportation, etc., the level of China's bearing casting industry has significantly improved. Although the state has put forward higher requirements for environmental protection in the long run, the bearing industry is still strong. Under the environment again, on ... see more

[Ceramic Bearing] Manufacturer-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.

Royal micro zirconia ceramic bearings have high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetic and electrical insulation, oil-free self-lubrication, high speed and other characteristics. It can be used in extremely harsh environments and special working conditions. It can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, marine, petroleum, chemical, automotive, electronic equipment, metallurgy, electric power, textiles, pumps, medical equipment, scientific research and defense and military fields. High-tech products using new materials. Ceramic bearing rings and rolling elements are made of all-ceramic materials, including zirconia (ZrO2), silicon nitride (Si3N4), silicon carbide (Sic) ... Read More ''

What is the cause of the failure of miniature bearings?

The miniature bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. refer to the metric series, the outer diameter is less than 9MM, the British series, the outer diameter is less than 9.525MM, the above microbearing series produced by Yuwei are mainly made of bearing steel, stainless steel, ceramics, Hybrid ceramic bearings as well as plastic bearings. The smallest diameter can be 1MM. Generally, the inner diameter is 3mm-9mm. Shanghai Yuwei's bearings are used in small industrial equipment, micro-motor equipment and various instruments and equipment requiring low noise: Baogong equipment ... view more

Yuwei teaches you how to choose the right {Miniature Bearing}

With the rapid development of the automated society, especially in recent years, the share of Chinese production in the international community has gradually increased. The market demand for rolling bearings, which are so-called rotating essentials, is also increasing. Everyone knows that rolling bearings, especially miniature rolling bearings, are widely used in various rolling products and mechanical devices, instruments, sports and leisure roller skating, and miniature motors. The market has increasingly strict performance requirements for product operation. Therefore, the requirements for bearing quality requirements, performance, It is also becoming more diverse. This puts forward higher and stricter requirements for the bearing manufacturer, no ... view more

Yuwei keeps pace with the times-focus on [ceramic bearings] production

Yuwei focuses on the agricultural, construction, health equipment, machine tool motor and household goods markets, and provides miniature rolling bearings. Yuwei is a leading domestic bearing manufacturer, providing high-quality bearings for various industries. With the continuous development of the industrial society, the society also continues to make further progress. With the rapid development of science and technology, various types of equipment have higher requirements for bearings, and the use conditions and environment of the bearings are becoming more and more demanding. Structure, performance, and material requirements have also slowly increased. Some high-tech fields and certain rings ... view more

Miniature bearing experts-Yuwei company takes you to understand the importance of bearings

Everyone knows that bearing is a pivotal component in contemporary machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support rotating shafts or other moving bodies, guide rotating or moving movements, and bear the load transmitted by the shaft or parts on the shaft. In fact, since Britain first produced bearings in 1880, it has been widely used in transportation, household appliances, aerospace and other fields. It has played an extremely important role in our daily life and has brought many wonderful changes to our lives . The ubiquitous bearing in our life brings us a lot of convenience, a lot ... View More

[Miniature Bearings] Super Miniature Bearing Experts-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. has increased its investment in super miniature bearings: 1-5mm metric series and 1.984-12.7mm miniature bearings. At present, the main materials of the ultra-micro bearings produced by Yuwei Bearing are bearing steel, stainless steel, ceramics, and hybrid ceramics. The main bearing types are metric 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, etc., and British R series. There are 6 types in total. On this basis, it can be divided into ZZ stainless steel dust cover bearing series, RS rubber seal ring miniature bearing series, Tefal ... Read More ''

Give Yuwei 2 years Yuwei employees will give Yuwei a different bearing industry

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R & D, production and sales. It mainly produces and sells [Miniature Bearings], [Deep Groove Ball Bearings], [Motor Bearings], [Flanges] with an inner diameter of 1-15mm and an outer diameter of 50mm or less. [Bearing], [Planar Thrust Ball Bearing], etc. [Miniature Bearing]. The accuracy ranges from ABEC-1 to ABEC-5. The products are famous for high speed, high accuracy, low noise and long life. Yuwei factory is based on design optimization and advanced technology ... see more

YW bearings gradually gain a foothold in the miniature bearing industry

With the continuous development of the industrial society and the continuous progress of the human society, if the bearing industry wants to achieve development, if it wants to make a difference in the industrial wave, it must continue to develop itself. Now YW Bearings (Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.) Gradually gain a foothold in the bearing industry. Yuwei has some research in the field of bearings. Bearing steel bearings have: high hardness, average hardness, high elastic limit, high contact strength, necessary toughness, inevitable hardenability, and corrosion resistance in atmospheric smoothing agents. In order to reach the above functional requirements, bearing steel is mainly used ... see more

Food grade certification level S694ZZ / S694-2RS-

Yuwei S694ZZ / S694-2RS stainless steel bearing introduction: Yuwei S694ZZ / S694-2RS bearing ring and rolling body material use AISI SUS440C stainless steel (domestic number: 9Cr18Mo, 9Cr18) after vacuum quenching and tempering treatment, cage and seal The skeleton material is AISI304 stainless steel (domestic number: 1Cr18). Compared with ordinary bearing steel S694ZZ / S694-2RS, S694ZZ / S694-2RS stainless steel bearings have stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. Choose the right lubricant ... View More

Yuwei headquarters follows the official website of Shaanxi Yuwei Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Dear Customer: After three months of careful planning and preparation, the website of Shaanxi Yuwei Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been officially launched and put into operation with the support of Yuwei headquarters Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Yuwei's official website is rich in content and clear in structure, function modules, and picture display. The streamlined browsing experience allows you to quickly get the information you want. On the other hand, the database selected by Shaanxi Yuwei's website is independently displayed, reflecting Yuwei's humanized design of the customer's browsing experience. Shaanxi Yuwei official website ... More

2018 Royal Micro Bearings attacked on all sides-work hard to go out

In 2018, Yuwei focused on the market, strived to tap its own potential, increased personnel, purchased advanced equipment, and developed bearing products suitable for market development. Move forward. Yuwei people use their insights before others to follow the market trends. In order to gain a foothold in the miniature bearing industry, Yuwei has gradually established a complete set of modern control systems, from the procurement, storage, and production of raw materials to the inspection, packaging, and sales of finished products. Protection. In the production process, Yuwei has adopted the domestic advanced level ... View More

S694ZZ the king of bearing efficiency

First of all, let me understand what is a bearing assembly instrument? The bearing assembly instrument is called a fully automatic bearing assembly machine. In short, the bearing inner ring, outer ring and steel ball are placed in the designated position of the assembly instrument. The machine automatically measures the inner and outer ring groove diameter of the bearing According to the steel ball size value and bearing clearance value that are manually input, the assembler can automatically assemble the bearing according to the size of the steel ball, the size of the inner and outer ring, and the set bearing clearance value. The beat of the equipment is slightly different depending on the bearing size, take the most common ... View More

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. Spring Festival holiday notice

As this New Year approaches, first of all, thank you for your support and trust in Yuwei Bearing. Yuwei Bearing wishes you all a Happy Chinese New Year and all the best! The schedule of the 2018 Chinese New Year holiday is as follows: February 7th-February 25th, 2018. Holidays will be normal on the 26th (Monday). Please forgive me for the constant changes during this period! see more

[Household appliances bearings] Yuwei high precision bearings are widely used in household appliances

Royal micro bearings are widely used in household appliances: such as air conditioners, fans, blowers, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, washing machines, tumble dryers, kitchen appliances. The era we are in today is a highly automated era. The emergence of some special machinery and equipment in the present society has also made our lives more convenient and comfortable. The introduction of these equipments has given us more personal leisure time. All seasons of security are issued to the cleaning of the kitchen, such as washing pots and pans, washing clothes, mopping the floor, etc. The implication is that household appliances let me ... View More

[Miniature Bearings] Royal Micro Technology Department-Detailed analysis of bearing internal clearance

First, the selection criteria of bearing internal clearance is under normal operating conditions (such as normal load, fit, speed, temperature, etc.), a standard internal clearance will produce a very satisfactory operating clearance. Customers should pay attention when encountering the following situations: ● Selection of non-standard clearance (CN) examples Operating conditions Clearance application examples (reference) Interference in heavy or shock loads C3 clearance or larger inner ring of train axles Exposed to high temperature outer ring Exposed to low temperature traction motor as shaft ... view more

[Stainless steel bearings] Features and applications of Yuwei stainless steel bearings

The stainless steel bearing bearing rings and rolling elements produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. use AISI SUS440C stainless steel (domestic number: 9Cr18Mo, 9Cr18) after vacuum quenching and tempering, and the cage and seal ring frame material is AISI304 stainless steel (domestic number : 1Cr18). Compared with ordinary bearing steel, Yuwei stainless steel bearings have stronger rust and corrosion resistance. Choose appropriate lubricants and dust covers, etc., and can be used in the environment of -60 ℃ ~ + 300 ℃. Yuwei stainless steel deep groove ball bearings can resist moisture and some other media ... Read More ''

[Miniature Bearings] Purchase Miniature Shaft Recognition Standard * YW Yuwei Brand *

Since its establishment, Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. has mainly produced various miniature bearings of 1-15mm. The products are widely used in micromotors, telecommunications equipment, navigation instruments, video equipment, optical equipment, thermal instruments, medical equipment, computers, home appliances and office device. 2017 is a key year for Yuwei's development. Yuwei has been adhering to "quality first, customer supremacy" from the beginning of its establishment, and has gradually won the trust of users. The company is located in Shanghai, the factory covers an area of 12,000 square meters, and the building area is 6000 ... see more

Yuwei company posted a hero post-convened bearing colleagues to seek great cause

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company with the Internet + concept. Since its establishment, Yuwei has relied on its own excellent production equipment, soft workers and senior engineers, and has combined the Internet electronic information network technology to form the Yuwei Micro core competitiveness. In the rapidly changing Internet era, Yuwei closely follows the changing new trend of the Internet of Things, and realizes Yuwei's high efficiency in production, research and development, pre-sale and after-sales. Yuwei's main products are metric and inch systems with an inner diameter of 1mm-20mm Miniature bearings. Featured products ... see more

[Miniature deep groove ball bearings] Miniature deep groove ball experts

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional deep groove ball bearing manufacturer. The inner diameter range of the deep groove ball bearing is 10mm ~ 50mm, the outer diameter range is 30mm ~ 110mm, and the width size range is 9mm ~ 31mm. The series produced are 67 series, 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, 62 series, 63 series and 64 series. The main materials are bearing steel (GCR15), stainless steel (440C), 304 and 306, and all ceramic materials. It is suitable for high-speed and even high-speed operation, and it is very durable and does not require frequent maintenance. & n ... view more

[Miniature bearing] Yuwei company management and suggestions-the eve of 2018

For corporate supervision and management, some cultural suggestions. As the saying goes: "Prevention is better than cure". It is better to prevent problems before they occur than to prevent chaos after they have been achieved. It can be seen that the preventers of corporate problems are actually better than the solvers of corporate problems. First, there is a systematic supervision of company employees (improving the company's management system). If there is an illegal operation or there is a possibility of unauthorized operation. To deal with it in a timely manner, too much consideration will lead to situations that should not occur in the company. ... see more

[Miniature Bearing Expert] Yuwei Bearing 2017 Summary and Encouragement

Yuwei Bearing's 2017 Annual Summary 2017 Annual Business Overview: In 2017, Yuwei's sales were much higher than those set at the beginning of the year. In the bearing stability, timeliness of delivery and the increase of new customers all exceeded the requirements of the company's requirements. In general, under the situation of shortage of time at the end of the year and the difficulty of supply of raw materials, Yuwei's overall sales also increased by 45%, and the sales volume and sales amount reached record highs. The stable customers of Yuwei's sales department are also selling ... see more

[Hybrid ceramic bearings] Self-analysis of Yuwei hybrid ceramics-Shanghai Yuwei

Shanghai Yuwei hybrid ceramic ball bearings, especially Yuwei silicon nitride ball hybrid ceramic bearings, have low density, high hardness, low coefficient of friction, resistance to magnetic and electrical insulation, wear resistance, self-lubrication and good rigidity. They have good acid and alkali resistance. , Self-lubricating function, high temperature resistance above 300 C, high wear resistance, high speed for rolling, friction and heat reduction greatly, long service life is 3 to 5 times that of all-steel bearings, light weight ceramic material is lighter than steel The elastic mold of 60%, the same rigid ceramic material is 50% higher than the bearing steel. Shanghai Yuwei Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing is especially suitable for high speed ... View More

[Silent Bearing] The installation of Royal Micro Silent Bearing is critical

As we all know, noise is caused by vibration. The general size of this type of bearings has been stabilized, including low-transmission materials and lubricating oils. Lubricating greases with good lubrication performance are used to minimize noise. Better, the so-called mute means to reduce the noise of the bearing as much as possible. In fact, there is still noise during the rotation. So what aspects should be paid attention to silent bearing installation? First, disassemble and clean the crankshaft components to ensure that the oil passage inside the crankshaft is clean and unobstructed. Second, inspect the crankshaft, if there is ... see more

[Full ball bearings] Royal micro full ball bearings are all empty-Royal micro bearings

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of full ball bearings for a long time and has rich production experience for full ball bearings. Due to supply agreement with customer. The company has not sold full ball bearings to the market. After communicating with customers, our company now sells full ball bearings to the market. Yuwei will provide full ball bearings of various models and specifications according to customer requirements. Customers are welcome to inquire. Introduction of Yuwei full ball bearings: Full ball bearings are equipped with ball gaps on one side, and adopt a cageless structure design, which can be installed than bearings of standard structure ... View More

[Dental drill bearings] Dental experts-Yuwei dental drill bearing market has unlimited potential

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development and production of high-speed dental drill bearings. It is currently a domestic professional manufacturer of collet movements and dental drill bearings. The company currently has manufacturing capabilities of SR144TL (more than 4 months of service life). Development and production of series dental drill bearing models, product holders are processed with high-quality chemical materials, stable bearing rotation speed, low noise and other characteristics. Precision high-speed dental drill bearings also belong to the Chaoyang market in China. Demand is huge. The unlimited potential of the dedicated market is full of confidence, and expect to produce more durable and stable ... view more

[Stainless steel bearings] Features and installation methods of Yuwei high temperature stainless steel bearings

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Youxian Company is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel bearings. The company is registered in Shanghai, the capital of Shanghai. The transportation is very convenient, the transportation is convenient, the communication is developed, and the geographical position is superior. The company has been dedicated to the production and research of stainless steel bearings, and has made certain achievements in the production and research of stainless steel bearings. Through continuous efforts and pioneering innovation, the company produces stainless steel deep groove ball bearings, stainless ... Read More ''

[Stainless steel bearings] How is stainless steel waterproof and why does it not rust?

Everyone knows stainless steel bearings, but I believe that many waterproof friends do n’t know the structure. In fact, there is a seal ring on the inner ring on one or both sides of stainless steel waterproof bearings. Here, the stainless steel bearing manufacturer-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. The company said that waterproof bearings are more reliable than ordinary bearings in the effects of water resistance, dust resistance and oil retention. Features of stainless steel waterproof bearings: Advantages 1. Excellent water resistance, stable under high temperature, water vapor and steaming conditions, and water immersion; Can be used. Advantages 2. Outstanding oxidation resistance, ... View More

[High-speed bearings] Yuwei Bearing's high-speed oil-free bearings

First of all, everyone knows that the lubrication of bearings is generally: bearing grease and bearing lubricants. However, with the development of society, the requirements for lubrication have also become widespread. At present, there are two common types of lubrication: oil-free lubrication and low-oil lubrication. Of course, general bearing steel and stainless steel hybrid bearings are more common. But both are dry. Secondly, what problems can these two kinds of lubrication solve? First, I want to solve the negative effects of grease in special environments, grease safety issues, and second, these two solve the ultra-high-speed problems required by the equipment, to meet ... view more

[Skateboard bearing] How does Yuwei 608 bearing become a big change?

First, find out what kind of bearing is 608ZZ or S608ZZ bearing? In this type, 6 represents the 6 series deep groove ball bearing, 0 is the size series, and 8 is the size of the inner diameter of 8mm. The dimensions are 22mm outer diameter, 7mm height and 8mm inner diameter. There are 7 steel balls with a diameter of 3.969mm. 608ZZ miniature bearing This is the most common model in the industry. 608 is famous in the bearing industry. The demand is the envy of other miniature bearings and stainless steel bearings. Next let us understand why the demand for 608 miniature bearings is so great, that is ... see more

[Miniature Bearing] All employees of Yuyu Micro Bearing Co., Ltd.-refuse to delay

Near the end of the year-2017 is about to pass. Thanks to the efforts of all employees, Yuwei Bearing completed the goals set for the whole year 2 months in advance, especially from the beginning of November to now, the demand of almost every customer has increased by a third. First, stocking at the end of the year has become the norm every year. In order to meet customer needs, Yuwei Bearings worked overtime and overtime while ensuring quality. When I heard the customer say a thank you, it seemed that I had gone to Jiuxiaoyun again and again. At present, due to the completion of the annual tasks of Yuwei Company in advance, some employees are idle ... view more

[MR117ZZ] Yuwei MR117ZZ bearings introduce themselves

First of all, miniature bearings refer to all kinds of bearings of metric series with an outer diameter less than 9mm; inch series with an outer diameter less than 9.525mm! The main materials are carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramics, etc. The smallest inner diameter can be 0.6mm, and the inner diameter is generally more than 1mm. Secondly, today we introduce the commonly used models MR117ZZ: MR117ZZ bearing inner diameter (d) 7mm outer diameter (D) 11mm width (B) 3mm seal type seals include metal seals, rubber seals and open bearings. Material ... View More

[Dental drill bearings] Variety King-Concept of dental drill mobile phone bearings-Applications-

Yuwei dental drill bearings, also known as high-speed turbo dental drill mobile phone bearings. This is the bearing used in dentist mobile phones. The working principle of dental drill bearings is that the turbine, the bearing and the shaft are in interference fit and driven by compressed air to rotate at a high speed as a whole, driving the collet and the drill installed in the shaft hole to work. So what is the application of dental drill bearings? There is a key component on the dentist's mobile phone, called a high-speed dental drill assembly, which consists of a shaft, a turbine, a collet, a spring washer, a back cover, a housing, a rolling bearing ... see more

[Ceramic bearing] The magical technological breakthrough of ceramic bearing-Shanghai Yuwei

First of all, let's first understand the concept of ceramic bearings: Everyone knows that in the development and application of engineering ceramic products, ceramic ball bearings are a typical example of the application of engineering ceramics in the industrial field. Among the bearings, the most widely used are hybrid ceramic ball bearings, that is, the rolling elements use hot-pressed Si3N4 ceramic balls, and the bearing rings are steel rings or 44C. This kind of bearing has a high degree of standardization, small changes to the structure of the machine tool, easy maintenance, and is especially suitable for high-speed operation. Its group ... view more

Difference between stainless steel bearings, bearing steel bearings and carbon steel bearings

The difference between stainless steel bearings and bearing steel bearings: (1) bearing steel bearings generally have a higher carbon content, mainly to enhance wear resistance, and (2) stainless steel generally has a higher Cr content, exceeding 12%, mainly to use its corrosion resistance Sex. (3) Compared with ordinary bearings, stainless steel bearings are corrosion resistant and widely used. The bearing ring and rolling element are made of AISISUS440C stainless steel (9Cr18Mo, 9Cr18) after vacuum quenching and tempering. The cage and seal ring frame material is AISI304 stainless steel. (4) Stainless steel bearings ... see more

[Full ball bearings] Bearing selection-you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of full ball bearings

First of all, Yuwei let everyone understand the difference between full ball bearings and caged bearings: The role of full ball bearings is to keep the arrangement of rolling elements in the bearing raceway at a fixed distance to prevent ball running and avoid biting and grinding between rolling elements At the same time, the rolling elements are evenly distributed along the circumference to reduce the adverse effects of bearing clearance movement during operation; when the cage is not used, a full bead arrangement can be selected to extend the bearing life or enhance the bearing accuracy. The preferred soft material for the cage is to avoid aggravating the wear of the rolling elements in the bearing and extend the service life of the bearing. And in the complex ring ... see more

[Ceramic bearings] Yuwei company tells you the pentathlon of ceramic bearings to the end

With the continuous development of society, Yuwei ceramic bearings are used more and more widely, and are gradually applicable in harsh environments, gradually replacing some relatively low-energy bearing products. With its excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high temperature resistance, Yuwei full ceramic bearings have occupied the head of the building in special fields. Gradually become the object that users chase. Shanghai Yuwei full ceramic bearings mainly have the following advantages: First, the accuracy level is well controlled: ABEC-1, ABEC-3, in addition, some customers are still in Italy ... View More

[Miniature bearing manufacturers] How to do a good job of bearing pins in the era of big data explosion

Since 2010, * big data * has been mentioned more and more. People use it to describe and define the massive data generated in the era of information explosion, and to name the related technological development and innovation. First of all, let's understand why big data has attracted much attention: The earliest proposed big data era is McKinsey, a world-renowned consulting company. Big data has existed in the fields of physics, biology, environmental ecology, and military, finance, and communications Sometimes, it has caused people's attention because of the development of the Internet and information industry in recent years. Secondly, b ... view more

[Plane Thrust Bearings] Special Features of Plane Thrust Bearing Installation-Yuweigong

First of all, let's understand what is the plane thrust bearing: Yuwei plane thrust bearing is a separate bearing, divided into three parts: the upper and lower plates, rolling elements, cage. Thrust bearings can only bear axial loads, and the biggest feature of one-way thrust bearings is that they can only bear axial loads in one direction. The limit speed is lower than that of deep groove ball bearings. The material of the plane thrust bearing, the most common are bearing steel, stainless steel and ceramic, etc. Second, we have a look at the problems encountered in the use: in life, the plane thrust bearing is widely used, many owners of plane bearings have listened to ... view more many

[Miniature bearings] Miniature bearings focus on selection-choose only the right ones and not the expensive ones

In today's bearing market, bearings of various brands are as big as cattle hair. However, how about the quality of the bearings, is it really as good as the promotion? Is it really a good bearing? In the sales process of miniature bearings, I believe that many people have been troubled by genuine and fake bearings. As a bearing user, why spend real gold and silver and buy defective bearings? Then it is not as simple as a simple return. What about the time cost? How to find a suitable bearing supplier? This is the embodiment of the basic qualities of bearing buyers. Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd .... see more

[Drill drill bearings] Shanghai Yuwei company's widely used dental drill bearings

At present, we human beings have entered the Internet era, technology is changing with each passing day, and people ’s consumption levels are constantly improving. In addition to satisfying food, clothing, and living, people ’s pursuit of beauty has also gone to a higher level, and the pursuit of better quality of life has gradually become fashionable . In the past, the teeth were not good, affecting the entire image, but there was no way to change it, but now the development of technology can do it, and to reshape the teeth. Now this technology is quite mature, but the handsome men and women who have corrected the teeth know that the correction The price is divided into multiple levels, good tens of thousands of yuan, poor ... view more

[Universal wheel bearings] My opinion on Yuwei universal wheel bearings

First of all, Yuwei Bearing, please understand what is a universal wheel? The universal wheel is a so-called movable caster, and its structure allows horizontal 360-degree rotation. Casters are collectively referred to as movable casters and fixed casters. Fixed casters do not have a rotating structure. They cannot be rotated horizontally but only vertically. These two casters are generally used together. For example, the structure of the trolley is two fixed wheels on the front side, and two movable universal wheels on the rear side near the push armrest. Swivel wheel refers to the bracket installed on the caster wheel can ...

[Miniature Bearings] Wide Application of Royal Miniature Bearings in Flat Knitting Machines

Ever heard of a flat knitting machine? Is this too professional? It seems that many people are relatively unfamiliar, but when it comes to textile machines or weaving machines, I believe most people will have an impression. In fact, flat knitting machines are a kind of textile machinery, which are mostly produced in Zhejiang Puyuan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Dalang, Guangdong, Qinghe, Hebei and other places. Therefore, Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.'s customer base also mainly comes from these places. Yuwei flat knitting machine bearings are used in mainframes including manual flat knitting machines, semi-automatic flat knitting machines, computer flat knitting machines (computer jacquard machines, computer weaving machines, computer glove machines, other simple computer flat knitting machines). Royal micro bearings in flat knitting machine ... see more

[Miniature Bearings] Bearings do not know national boundaries-starting from myself-Yuwei Bearing

At present, the high-end bearings imported by China are mainly from the United States, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Romania and other Western countries. Nearly 80% of the bearings in the world are produced by multinational companies in these countries. Their bearings rely on reliable steel materials, exquisite workmanship and excellent quality to almost monopolize the domestic high-end bearing market in China. Although there are about 6,000 bearing companies in China, the total sales of the top ten bearing companies only account for nearly 40% of the entire industry. According to incomplete statistics, in 2009, China's bearing industry output reached 10 billion sets, and the total output value has reached 90 billion yuan, ... Read More ''

[Miniature Bearings] Strong Nostalgia Resonates with Royal Micro Bearings-Tell You One

At the foot of Zhaoling, the gully is vertical and horizontal. In the middle of the south, the low sandy hills form a roller-shaped ravine, which shelters from the sun. There are more than a dozen families living here. They belong to the Zhaoling Weiling Brigade, and Fangyuan people call it "Nianzigou." Fangxuanling mound stands on the southeast of Nianzigou, and Weizheng is buried in Fenghuang Mountain in the northwest. In 2015, the Huangan River Tourist Road was opened, and Nianzigou from Guanzhong Ring Road and Huanshan Road can directly reach Weizheng Tomb. Nianzigou is located in the dry belt of Beishan Mountain in Liquan County. It is barren and arid, and lacks resources. Before the opening of the tourist road, it is a lonely and remote mountain ditch. Village affluent family, ... view more

[Instrumentation bearings] Yuwei Bearing Company tells you

693 bearings are widely used in sensors, outdoor measuring instruments, level instruments, marking instruments, infrared instruments, gravity pendulum line gauges, electric safety level line gauges, automatic levelers, plummets, laser line gauges, gravity pendulum series lasers Casting line, laser plummet, automatic laser leveler, C2000-A automatic hemagglutination meter, laser ink line meter, laser leveler, laser plummet, laser rotation meter, laser rangefinder, microwave leak meter , Conductivity meter and dissolved ozone instrument and optical instrument roadbed measuring instrument. Shanghai ... view more

[Miniature Bearings] When Road Rage Meets Bearing Mania-Where Does Yuwei Bearing Go?

First of all, let's understand what is road anger and the story of bearing people. The so-called road anger is, as the name implies, driving with anger. Refers to aggressive or angry behavior of the driver of a car or other motor vehicle. Such actions may include crude gestures, verbal insults, intentional driving of vehicles in an unsafe or threatening manner, or threats. This claim originated in the 1980s and originated in the United States. The word "roadrage" is included in the new Oxford Dictionary of Words to describe the anger caused by driving pressure and frustration in traffic jams ... view more

[Needle bearing] Needle bearing finally has * King Kong guard method *-Royal micro shaft

First of all, let us first understand the concept and use of needle bearings: Needle bearings are roller bearings with cylindrical rollers. Relative to their diameter, the rollers are thin and long. This roller is called a needle roller. Although it has a small cross-section, the bearing still has a high load bearing capacity. Needle roller bearings are equipped with thin and long rollers (roller diameter D≤5mm, L / D≥2.5, L is the roller length), so The radial structure is compact. When the inner diameter size and load capacity are the same as other types of bearings, the outer diameter is the smallest. It is especially suitable for radial installation ... View More

[Miniature bearing] Is the wolf really here? Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Company must

Bearings are almost always used for rotating things, it is difficult to imagine what would happen to a world that cannot be rotated? It's like people in modern society lose their phones. Perhaps everyone knows that bearings are important basic components of various types of mechanical equipment. Its accuracy, performance, life, and reliability play a decisive role in the accuracy, performance, life, and reliability of the host. Among mechanical products, bearings belong to high-precision products. They not only need the comprehensive support of mathematics, physics and other disciplines, but also need materials science, heat treatment technology, precision processing and measurement technology, and numerical control technology ... Read More

[Miniature Bearings] Yuwei Company * Twelve Heavenly Kings * Tells You the Unknown

Last time Shanghai Yuwei Bearing explained the characteristics and application of ceramic bearings in detail. Today, Li Gong, senior engineer of Yuwei Bearing, explained in detail the professional processing areas of Yuwei Bearing and the application of bearings! Below we start with classification: Yuwei Instrument Bearing 693 / A5,692ZZ / A5, MR52ZZ, F693ZZ, 623ZZ, MR106ZZ, MR63ZZ, 681XZZ, SMR62, SMR149, MF106, S623ZZ, 681,683zz These bearings are widely used in sensors, outdoor measurement Gauges, level instruments, marking ... see more

[Hybrid ceramic bearing] Yuwei senior engineer tells you about the hybrid

Hybrid ceramic bearing is also called semi-ceramic bearing. Its assembly structure: bearing inner and outer ring: bearing steel / stainless steel 440C, ball: zirconia / silicon nitride / silicon carbide, cage: nylon / steel, dust cover: 304 / Plastic cover, the most common combination: bearing steel inner and outer ring + silicon nitride ball, second: stainless steel inner and outer ring + silicon nitride ball, take a closer look, compared to ordinary all-metal bearings, semi-ceramic bearings only change the rolling Body, nothing else has changed. (Hybrid ceramic bearings ... see more

[Flanged bearing] How to get rid of the predicament of flange bearing production and use

Due to the continuous changes in market demand, the demand for flange bearings, especially miniature flange bearings, has increased rapidly, because it has directly led to more and more companies producing flange bearings, especially in the field of miniature flange bearings. But often there is more than strong, anyone can do it, but the quality is uneven. Seriously affected the benign operation of the flange bearing market. With the acceleration of the restructuring of the flange bearing industry, the future industry will be the competition between flange bearing quality and safety and product brands. The development of high life expectancy, ... see more

[Plastic Bearings] Pioneering Plastic Bearings-Yuwei Bearing Company

Shanghai Yuwei Plastic Bearing is divided into plastic rolling bearing and plastic sliding bearing; the working principle of plastic rolling bearing and plastic sliding bearing can be distinguished by its name. The friction that occurs when plastic rolling bearing works is rolling friction, and the plastic sliding bearing occurs when it works. It is sliding friction, and the magnitude of sliding friction depends mainly on the manufacturing accuracy; while the magnitude of friction of plastic sliding bearings mainly depends on the material of the sliding surface of the bearing. The characteristics of plastic bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd are as follows: 1. Large rigidity, high hardness, even at low ... View More

[Instrument bearing] Yuwei's instrument shaft

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of a variety of instrument bearings, and Yuwei instrument bearings have high accuracy, low friction torque, low noise and other characteristics. Let us see what are the instrument bearings produced by Yuwei: 693 / A5,692ZZ / A5, MR52ZZ, F693ZZ, 623ZZ, MR106ZZ, MR63ZZ, 681XZZ, SMR62, SMR149, MF106, S623ZZ, 681,683zz Bearings are widely used in sensors, outdoor measuring instruments, level instruments, marking instruments, infrared instruments, gravity pendulum ... see more

[Miniature bearings] Bearing life of Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.

All things will have a shelf life process, and the purpose of the producer and user is to try to not damage the item as much as possible during the use, and prolong the life of the item. For bearings: the bearing life under certain load, the number of revolutions or hours before pitting occurs is called bearing life. Let ’s take a look at a screenshot: there is a wide range of life data for bearing life in different industries and different operations, which can be used as a preliminary understanding. What about the life of rolling bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.? Then take a look at the number ... see more

[Miniature motor bearings] Senior engineers from Yuwei Technology Department talk about the shaft

Overview: Before exchanging bearing knowledge with you, let us first understand some gaps between our bearings and foreign bearings: China is one of the earliest countries inventing rolling bearings in the world. From archeological relics and materials, China's oldest bearing with a prototype of a modern rolling bearing structure appeared in Xuejiaya Village, Yongji County, Shanxi Province, from 221 to 207 BC (Qin Dynasty). In 1280 (Yuan dynasty), cylindrical rolling bearings were also used on ancient Chinese astronomical instruments. Although historically China has been a world civilization in the field of rolling bearing technology ... Read More ''

The similarities and differences between Yuwei's standard bearings and non-standard bearings?

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. first let you know the similarities and differences between standard bearings and non-standard bearings? Standard bearings: First, the dimensions and codes of standard bearings are unified at home and abroad, and second: the bearings have relevant data references for design and standardization. At the same time, the bearings assembled from these three specified dimensions can achieve the maximum performance, such as the highest speed. Lowest noise, maximum load, longest life, etc. Non-standard bearings: First, the most common is non-standard size (such as: the inner and outer rings of the extended and widened bearings protrude on both sides or protrude on one side) ... view more many

[Instrumentation bearings] Yuwei bearings tell you the importance of core competitiveness

If a company does not have core competitiveness, it must have few orders in a weak market. Even after the environmental storm, they fell into disappointment. For a private company such as Yuwei, increasing domestic demand has become the only way for Yuwei to get out of the siege when the export sales are weak. First of all, the market positioning of the product must be based on the company's own situation. Blindly expanding production will also cause problems for the company's capital chain, let alone determine the company's production and operation based on the industry's production. Once the industry has problems, the company will also It is difficult to get out of trouble. ... see more

Yuwei Bearings Gained a Harvest at the 78th China International Medical Equipment Fair

The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo was held at the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming. Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of medical device bearings, was honored to participate in this exhibition. During the first two days of the exhibition, Yuwei visited I have met old customers, carried out many exchange activities, and made new friends, expanded their influence, and let more customers and friends understand the production status, supply capacity and after-sales service of Yuwei Bearing. The size range of medical device bearings provided by Yuwei Bearing is 2-15mm inner diameter metric, inch series shaft ... View More

[Miniature Bearings] Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. introduces itself

Miniature bearings are a type of deep groove ball bearings. Generally, what we call miniature bearings refers to single-row miniature deep groove ball bearings with an inner diameter of less than 10 mm. Royal Micro Bearings can provide miniature ball bearings in a variety of materials, including bearing steel, stainless steel and ceramics. In addition to conventional miniature bearings, Yuwei can also manufacture miniature flange bearings, miniature thrust bearings, and can also customize miniature non-standard bearings according to customer requirements. Yuwei is a professional miniature bearing factory in China. It is a high-end bearing production expert mainly based on miniature motor bearings. Among domestic miniature bearings, Yuwei shaft ... view more

How to let the customers know the Royal Products of Royal Bearings?

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a new market leader. It has high-tech bearing employees, relatively advanced bearing processing equipment, stable production capacity and very professional bearing management staff. So how to make Yuwei Bearing's * Royal Bearings * Let customers know and make them safe to use the first time? Then one of the methods is web articles. The online article is one of the important links of Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.'s online promotion and publicity. With the help of the website, customers and audiences can fully understand Yuwei's various types of information. If a website ... see more

[Miniature Bearing Factory] Royal Micro-bearing Chongyang sends blessings

The golden autumn presents good, Dangui fragrance, and another year is the Chung Yeung Festival. Respecting the old and loving the young starts with ourselves-because everyone has an old day! Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd., as a bearing manufacturing entity, must strictly require itself. To develop, the company must regard people as the main line of enterprise development-the quality of personnel determines the direction of Yuwei. First of all, let us know about the Chongyang Festival: Chongyang Festival is a traditional festival in China, also known as the ascending festival, September ... See more

[Stainless steel bearings] Stainless steel bearing home-Yuwei Bearing

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. stainless steel 9Cr18 material introduction Specification grade chemical composition (%) C Si Mn PS Cr Mo 440 9Cr18 0.90-1.00 Below 0.80 Below 0.80 Below 0.35 Below 0.30 17.00-19.00 The conventional stainless steel material used is AISI440C (9Cr18), The material can reach the hardness HRC58-62, can carry on ... see more

[Miniature motor bearings] Achieve a better country and stronger country-Yuwei Bearing

For more than three hours, the 30,000-character report of the 19th CPC National Congress can be said to look at history, summarize achievements, and plan for the future. I believe that everyone has memorized new and important theoretical judgments such as the entry of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era, and also remembered new ideas such as the strategy for rural rejuvenation and the comprehensive construction of the people's army into a world-class army in the middle of the world. law. In this series of new ones, some are brand-new expressions, and some are new expressions of existing expressions. Let me sort them out for you. First of all, a new one that runs through the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is a new era, with Chinese characteristics ... Read More

[Miniature Bearings] Royal Micro Bearing Selection Catalogue

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of miniature bearings. Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd., with the product trademark "YW", was established in the 1990s. It is an old-fashioned miniature bearing manufacturer in Shanghai. Located in Shanghai, with convenient transportation, advanced communications, and an excellent geographical location, the factory covers an area of 12,000 square meters and a building area of 6,000 square meters. It is fully equipped, the process is smooth, and the testing equipment is excellent. To the closed production of finished products. In order to allow enterprises to better participate in market competition, enterprises ... view more

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. solemnly declares

Yuwei Company solemnly declares that recently, Yuwei found that a company excessively advertised internally and externally, affecting Yuwei Company. This behavior is completely inconsistent with the facts and has adversely affected Yuwei ’s reputation and reputation. Anger! We hereby clarify the following facts: 1. Yuwei Company treats every customer with the concept of "quality first, customer supreme", with good ... Read More ''

[Miniature Bearings] The focus of global manufacturing shifts to China

The focus of global manufacturing has shifted to China, which has provided a strong impetus for the development of China's bearing industry, and has also put forward higher and higher requirements for domestic high-end bearing manufacturers. At present, China's bearing industry must focus on improving product grades and reducing manufacturing costs to achieve a strategic transition from "big" to "strong". By 2012, China will build 42 high-speed railway passenger dedicated lines with a total mileage of more than 13,000 kilometers. This will create 800 new demand for EMUs. By 2020, China's high-speed railway mileage will reach 18,000 kilometers, providing China's high-speed railway bearings Broad market space. The next three years ... see more

[Stainless steel bearings] Shanghai Yuwei Bearing welcomes the 19th National Congress of the CPC

At present, the common bearing materials on the market are divided into the following types: carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel (divided into 420, 440C, 304, and 316), ceramic bearings (zirconia, silicon nitride, and silicon carbide aluminum oxide) Four). The performance of each bearing material is as follows: Carbon steel: a large number of bases, can meet the most basic bearing requirements! Bearing steel: high accuracy, speed, noise, runout and other requirements. Stainless steel 420: Under the premise of accuracy, at the same time, it has a little requirement for anti-embroidery, and it is relatively resistant to corrosion ... see more

[Shanghai Non-Magnetic Bearing] Fewer points and more sincerity-The success of Yuwei Bearing

Yu Weining is a wolf that runs freely on the prairie, and never a tiger in a circus! Yuwei's service is no longer satisfied with customer recognition, surpassing customer expectations, and putting customer service to despair is the success of Yuwei Bearing! Yuwei started in four areas to achieve a win-win situation. First, bearing quality-Yuwei Lifeline. Product quality is the lifeline of Yuwei Bearing Company. In the production process of products, self-quality inspection will clearly distinguish between defective products and qualified products. In the production process, we never greet small profits and small losses, and we will strictly control the quality. ... see more

Yuwei "hard people-hard goods-hard temper"-Qin Ren's way of doing business

Because environmental storms are like rushing mountains and mountains, many bearing people have to consider the prospects of the bearing market. The storm forced steel mills to increase prices and increase prices. Environmental storms are mixed, and small businesses must have great wisdom. Think of the popular "Shy Tie Fist" released in the summer, and "The Sewing Machine Band", which is also based on the story of the small people. Then look at the current hit drama "The Flower Was Full Moon That Year". Lily also has spring. Little people may be less orthodox in culture, internal cultivation, and network distribution. Just like a small enterprise like Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd ... View More

[Miniature motor bearings] How does Yuwei Bearing hit the shy iron fist?

The movie "The Shy Iron Fist" has been released on the National Day stall, with a box office over 1 billion. The side of the high box office also reflects the audience of the movie. Besides, what does the movie tell? The film tells the story of Addison, who flies with boxing, and Ma Xiao, a sports reporter with a sense of justice, because of an accidental electric shock, the two exchanged their bodies and a series of funny stories that followed. When I was amused with a humorous plot, I saw a kind of persistence, a kind of persistence that dared to say no to the dark forces. Is this society dark? Maybe. Is the world bright? Maybe. Of this world ... see more

[Shanghai Miniature Bearings] Shanghai Yuwei Bearings

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a miniature enterprise mainly producing precision, thin-walled, high-speed, high-load, low-noise miniature bearings. The company's current bearing products are: bearing steel miniature bearings, stainless steel miniature bearings, bearing steel ceramic ball bearings, stainless steel ceramic ball bearings, bearing steel flange bearings, stainless steel flange bearings, bearing steel spherical bearings, stainless steel spherical bearings, angle Contact bearings and various non-standard bearings. Products are widely used in automobiles, electric motors, medical equipment, household appliances, fishing reels, food machinery, electric toys and computers ... View More

The achievements of Yuwei Bearing on flange bearings

The flange bearings produced by Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. range from printers, fax machines to monitors, and there is room for flange bearing products to showcase technology in household products used in daily life. Under the standard ABEC-1 size and accuracy requirements, the bearings produced can meet general purpose products. Then let's first understand the flange bearing. There is a flange bearing on the outer ring of the bearing called a flange bearing. This flange can facilitate the positioning during axial installation, so that it will not slip. Some bearings are ... see more

Shanghai Yuwei 626ZZ silent bearings are widely used in various pumps

With the continuous development of market demand, more and more multi-functional pumps have appeared in front of people in various forms. Functions and features are also diverse, environmentally friendly, energy saving, intelligent, etc., and they are endless. At present, permanent magnet miniature submersible pumps, as cooling pumps and circulating pumps for industrial machinery and equipment, have higher requirements for bearings. Low noise and high accuracy must be guaranteed. Take one of its supporting products: 626ZZ / S626ZZ bearings must be full ball Z4 group. The core part of the pump is the small motor of various pumps. Because of the continuous pump of new equipment ... view more

Yuwei company's good pattern-doomed Yuwei bearing a good ending

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd.-Focused on miniature bearings for many years. According to Yuwei researchers' half-year actual inspection of 136 companies and traders in Northwest China, they learned that the potential demand for miniature bearings in the Northwest market is huge, and the current miniature market is chaotic. , The product price is high and the quality is low. At present, there is no special micro-bearing company that has developed in the Northwest market. Yuwei Bearing will make up for the gap in the Northwest market. Yuwei will follow the national strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative and rely on the silk ... View More

Bearing art production expert-Shanghai Yuwei Bearing

With the continuous development of e-commerce and the advent of the era of globalized networks, the original mysterious e-commerce is no longer so elusive, and more and more people are used to shopping on the Internet without leaving home. Therefore, most bearing purchasers are now accustomed to purchasing bearings using e-commerce platforms. I am also used to online consultation and online ordering. For so many years, in foreign countries including our local market, the products produced in our country are considered to be high imitation, counterfeit or * small cabbage * This is because ... Read More ''

* Lu Cong tonight white, the moon is Yu Weiming * -Shanghai Yu Wei Bearing Co., Ltd.

Jing is the beauty of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is the hometown; the wine is celebrated and the family laughs with joy; the flowers are similar every year, and people are happier each year; In this season of golden autumn, sweet scented scented laurels, and good harvest, when we are immersed in the national day atmosphere of jubilation, we ushered in the annual Mid-Autumn Festival. However, the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival has come to this day. There is no longer the "popular carnival" of ancient times, but the reunion is still the unchanged tone of ancient times. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, it seems like the next ... see more

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. Honest and Trustworthy Creates Glory

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturer. From obscurity to slight success, it depends on professionalism, integrity and timeliness. Since its establishment, it has gradually been welcomed by customers. Also attracted the attention of the industry. Market share has also gradually expanded. Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. has a relatively advanced domestic science and technology level automatic bearing production line. The factory is fully equipped, the process is smooth, and the testing equipment is excellent. Company strength ... view more

Royal Micro Bearing Sales-Four Cheats

Overview: Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise specializing in the production of miniature bearings. It specializes in providing customers with non-standard customization and after-sales service in one. In the case of ensuring the quality of the bearings and timely delivery, the corresponding work team is also required to let customers understand the situation of our company and facilitate market operation! Of course, it also needs the cooperation of first-class sales team to reduce misjudgments and achieve a win-win situation! We don't need to exaggerate the performance of transmission products. Bearing sales is an industry that demands precision. Any exaggerated sales will damage the reputation of the company. ... see more

Wind gourd shocked the international arena

According to legend, Cao Zhi once wrote a Diabolo Fu during the Three Kingdoms Period. If this is the earliest record of Diabolo, it has a history of at least 1700 years. In the 110th chapter of "Water Margin", Song Jiang saw someone playing "Hu Qiao" on the way to order Fang La, and he felt poems with the grace of the elder captain: "One low and one high, and the bright voice is transparent and clear. Xiao. Kong has a lot of manpower, and no one is carrying it in vain. "Of course, the novel was written by posterity, but it also shows that in the era of book writers, shaking Diabolo is very common. It ...

Business experience: I only know if the shoes are not fit

With the passage of time and the continuous development of society, users have higher requirements for bearings. Now many times when they buy bearings, many people will first think of big brands like SKF, NSK, Kazakhstan, and Luosha Bearings. For these big brands, there must be a few senior bearing practitioners with a lot of experience. So, when we buy bearings, are these bearings of the big brands necessarily the best choice? the answer is negative! For those who really know the industry, when buying bearings, the most important thing is ... see more

Century war-new trend stainless steel bearings PK traditional stainless steel bearings

The term austenite was first recognized at a training seminar for bearing research. When austenitic stainless steel was not used much and production had not been scaled up, it was vaguely remembered that it was a steel structure. , Its carbon melting will change accordingly, which will affect some practical properties of the steel body. Therefore, austenitic stainless steel bearings, that is, stainless steel bearings with austenitic structure at normal temperature, compared with traditional martensitic stainless steel bearings, it has better corrosion resistance and anti-magnetic properties. In addition, one with traditional martensitic stainless steel bearings ... view more

Big Brother on Roller Skates-Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The origin of roller skates is interesting. It is said that as early as 1100, hunters mounted bones under long leather shoes in order to hunt in winter, which is the earliest style of skates. In 1760, a London musical instrument maker, Josef Marin, invented a pair of roller skates with small wheels made of metal. He wore these skates to a masquerade while playing the violin while skating. Although he himself finally fell to the spot, he set a precedent for roller skates. In 1819, Mancil-Petipbo ... more

Beautiful Puppet-Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Hybrid ceramic bearings are a combination of stainless steel ferrules and bearing-grade silicon nitride (Si 3 N 4) rolling elements: insulation properties, prevent current damage, improve speed performance, long service life, resistance Strong wear ability, high bearing stiffness, reduce the risk of contamination, reduce the risk of micro-vibration corrosion, and low sensitivity to temperature gradients. According to the above characteristics, the stainless steel inner and outer ring + silicon nitride ball + nylon cage bearing will play its due role in the changing social trend ... Read More ''

Royal micro-bearings

There will always be bumps during the development of the company. Don't be too far away. Rise up and go with the flow. Once you encounter difficulties, you can't withstand the blows of one thousand hammers and holes. It's too sudden when you come, and you never return when you go. However, the experience tells Yu Weiren that it is true to be strong, but it is necessary to calmly and practically deal with the actual problems of customers, and it is king to solve the problems. Just like doing business must be a win-win situation. Otherwise, the enterprise will lose the momentum for development. All employees of Yuwei should ... see more

Opportunities and challenges of Yuwei Bearing

China is one of the earliest countries inventing rolling bearings in the world. From archeological relics and materials, China's oldest bearing with a prototype of a modern rolling bearing structure appeared in Xuejiaya Village, Yongji County, Shanxi Province, from 221 to 207 BC (Qin Dynasty). In 1280 (Yuan dynasty), cylindrical rolling bearings were also used in ancient Chinese astronomical instruments. Although China has historically been at the forefront of world civilization in the field of rolling bearing technology, the real starting point was in 1950. China's bearings have just started in 1950 ... see more

The spring of Yuwei stainless steel bearings is coming

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional stainless steel manufacturer. It has advanced stainless steel bearing production equipment and experienced management personnel. Each bearing production link has double supervision and high-quality sales and after-sales personnel. Therefore, more and more customers have accumulated, achieving a win-win situation in a practical sense. At present, the manufacturers of stainless steel bearings, especially miniature stainless steels, are not large enough in China. Stainless steel bearings as a sunrise industry. Under the torrent of internationalization, the stainless steel bearing market is facing strong challenges and opportunities, but it will also be the domestic stainless steel shaft ... View More

Professional ceramic bearing manufacturer-Yuwei Bearing

Advantages of Shanghai Yuwei Bearing's ceramic bearings: 1. Ceramics are almost free from corrosion, so it is suitable for operation in harsh conditions covered with corrosive media. 2. The density of ceramic rolling balls is lower than that of steel, and the weight is much lighter, so the centrifugal effect of the outer ring can be reduced by 40% when rotating, and the service life is greatly extended. 3. Ceramics are less affected by thermal expansion and contraction than steel, so when the bearing clearance is constant, the bearing can be allowed to work in an environment where the temperature difference changes drastically. & nbs ... see more

Overview of the application of Yuwei pressureless sintered SSiC ceramics

Pressureless sintered silicon carbide, due to its characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, low density, and high high temperature strength, has been widely used in various fields of the national economy and people's livelihood in the past decade . In the aerospace, nuclear industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, light textile industry, food industry, etc., it needs to be in a special environment such as high temperature, high speed, corrosion resistance, vacuum, electrical insulation, non-magnetic, dry friction, etc., as a new ceramic The indispensable substitute role of materials is gradually being recognized by people and has been widely used ... Read More ''

* 御 微 轴承 * Internet Marketing-Win-Win

As the economically developed regions in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, especially the Shanghai region, as a municipality directly under the Central Government, China's largest city has relatively complete development in all aspects. Do bearing companies need to do online marketing? The way of bearing promotion is to avoid rude short answer. If it is targeted, money cannot solve the problem. So it has to be reasonable. The promotion should be built in high places, using blog promotion as a supplement. Coupled with the promotion of soft texts, if there are no special websites included, there will be more results with less effort, but it is also necessary to avoid crude and messy production. Then find out if there is ... see more

Selection of Yuwei Bearing and Development Characteristics of One-way Thrust Ball Bearing with Outer Shell

When we choose a rolling bearing type, we should consider the bearing's working load (size, nature, direction), speed and other requirements for use. 1) Ball bearings should be used when the speed is high, the load is small, and high rotation accuracy is required; roller bearings are used when the speed is low, the load is large, or there is an impact load. 2) Bearings are subject to combined radial and axial loads. Generally, angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are used. If the radial load is large and the axial load is small, the thrust housing bearing manufacturer can choose deep groove ball bearings. ; And when the axial load is large, the radial load ... see more

Tide of Private Enterprises Closing-Environmental Protection Storm Hundreds of Thousands of Enterprises Shut Down! !!

Under the de-capacity group, aluminum prices have risen sharply. The former state-owned enterprise loser, China Aluminum, finally ushered in a profit explosion, and profits soared 10 times in the first half of this year. "A child with a mother is like a treasure, a child without a mother is like root grass." China ’s Hongqiao, a Hong Kong-listed private company that produces the world ’s largest primary aluminum production, announced that it has shut down 2.68 million tons of Aluminium product capacity, which accounts for nearly 30% of its total production capacity, is threatened by large-scale short selling by overseas institutions. The deterioration of the operation of private enterprises is bringing risks to our economic growth. The house leaks in the rain, near ... See More

The selection of Yuwei shared bicycle bearings is a science

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and selling miniature ball bearings. Its main production is to replace imported bearings. At present, the models produced by our company are mainly concentrated in the inner diameter of 1-20mm, the categories are: metric, inch ball bearings, thin-walled bearings, Flange bearings, stainless steel bearings, ceramic bearings, plane thrust ball bearings, one-way needle roller bearings, non-standard bearings, and the bearings produced by Yuwei are no different from imported bearings in terms of noise, life, speed, and appearance. First, and the cost is imported ... see more

Warwolf 2 forces India to withdraw the border to the Indian side

War Wolf 2 is coming to an end. The Chinese people are deeply moved by the Chinese complex shown by War Wolf 2, and they are deeply impressed by the significance of a strong country and a strong army. It seems India is really scared. Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 28 (Reporter Yan Zimin) According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all Indian border personnel and equipment that crossed the Sikkim section of the China-India border on the afternoon of the 28th have been withdrawn to the Indian side of the border. The Indian border crossing incident has been resolved. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on the same day that on June 18th, Indian border forces illegally crossed the border between China and India and Sikkim ... see more

"Wolf is Coming" Focus on Bearing Investment Opportunities in Environmental Storm

Nowadays, environmental issues have become the issues that people are most concerned about, especially the bearing industry in the past two years, which has become a hot report in the news. Environmental issues are increasingly becoming a serious problem that we are facing. In the next few years, environmental pressures in China will be It will continue to increase. For environmental protection issues, some prevention and control plans have been introduced in various places, and people are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection. Since July 2017, under the environmental storm, the bearing manufacturing industry has faced a "big reshuffle", which has made bearing people dying. Many bearing manufacturers have made themselves in bearings ... view more

Soymilk bearing which strong, Yuwei bearing levers

"Just like a coffee machine is a symbol of the Western lifestyle, soymilk has become a symbol of the Chinese lifestyle. In fact, more and more families now use soymilk as a daily necessity." Since China produced the first soymilk machine Since then, people's quality of life has been improving. When it comes to soymilk machines, there is a very important part, that is, the motor in the soymilk machine, but the key to ensure the efficient operation of the motor is the bearing. Motor bearings in soybean milk machines are usually miniature bearings with an inner diameter of less than 10 mm. Its main structure is as follows: ... see more

Royal micro bearings stand up in environmental storms

In the current environmental protection and environmental assessment, hot search was carried out. The real large-scale environmental storm operation was initiated by Zhejiang in 2015. The environmental storm has accelerated the process in various places, especially in the provinces that have been environmentally inspected. Some people may suspect that the environmental protection storm will rebound after the storm, but from July the national environmental protection department increased the weight, and all the companies that did not meet the safety standards and environmental protection standards stopped production and rectified. From this environmental protection policy and the situation in various places, the rebound Probability and space are smaller. (Is it possible to fail !!!!!! ... view more

Gospel of the Northwest People

The size of China's bearing manufacturing industry (annual sales income of more than 30 million) has exceeded 1,800 companies. Under the attraction of a wide range of interests, a large number of bearings are constantly emerging. The industry competition is becoming increasingly mechanical, and the traditional offline market has begun to shrink. Manufacturing companies have also begun new sales channels for low-level tugboats, opening up new markets. Only the rapid development of the Northwest market is relatively neglected. According to surveys in recent years, the microelectronics in Northwest, especially Xi'an, and the continuous development of the financial market have created more demand for miniature bearings. Northwest Territories ... view more

Ingenious manufacture of bearings for Yuwei milling cutters

First of all, let's understand what a milling cutter is. Milling cutters, suitable for milling, rotating tools with one or more teeth. When working, the cutter teeth intermittently cut off the remainder of the workpiece. The milling cutter is mainly used for machining planes, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting workpieces on the milling machine. Milling cutters are generally divided into: cylindrical milling cutters, face milling cutters, end milling cutters, three-sided edge milling cutters, angle milling cutters, saw blade milling cutters, and T-shaped milling cutters. With the development of milling cutters for more than 20 years, carbide milling has appeared ... see more

Dear, are you looking for fine bearings in special industries? Come here and have a look.

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. has strong strength, has advanced precision bearing production equipment and testing instruments, bearing products strictly in accordance with GB / T307.1-2005 as the standard, passed RoHS environmental protection certification and material safety technology / data sheet MSDS, and It is the only bearing company with full inspection in the country, which facilitates the export of "YW" bearings to the EU and other related countries. Specializing in the production of metric and inch miniature bearings, featured products: flange bearings, stainless steel bearings, thin-walled bearings, instruments ... see more

The Internet is coming, you have to know this ~~~~~

The strong Internet is coming. You have to know this. In the marketing process of industrial products, sales staff often need to hold heavy samples and visit customers repeatedly. Update online in time, customers can't get the latest product data, they can't find the products they need, only to find that they are not accurate target customers after time and effort. Now China has become the Internet, mobile ... view more

Yuwei company ultra-fine bearings and time race

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Company produces miniature bearings with an inner diameter of 1-10mm. These bearings are characterized by their small size, high flexibility and high speed. They can be called Bolts in the bearing industry. Royal micro miniature bearings have a wide range of applications, often used in instrumentation, medical equipment, electronic products and other industries. Today I want to talk about miniature bearings used in the watch industry. Although they are small, they dare to race against time. One of Yuwei's end customers is from China's clock capital "Shenzhen", they are second to none in China ... see more

Bearing history

The earliest use of bearings dates back to ancient Egypt. They used bearings to carry huge stones near the construction site of the pyramid. The earliest bearings were made of iron pear wood, which is a very heavy, hard and self-lubricating wood. The oil naturally secreted by this wood can be used as a cutting fluid in processing. Such bearings are commonly used in propellers, water wheels and pumps. Its lubricating oil is mostly made of tallow and other animal oils. The industrial revolution of the 18th century prompted steel to be widely used in the industrial field, and the steam engine was also used as a more practical ... View More

Yuwei surveillance camera bearing readme

Surveillance camera is also called computer camera, computer eye, electronic eye, etc. It is a video input system, which is widely used in real-time monitoring and video conferences. But most people rarely know that these mysterious cameras will use different types of bearings with different requirements. More importantly, the stability of the quality of the monitoring camera bearing affects the effectiveness of monitoring and the effectiveness of monitoring time! It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of the bearing affects the effect of monitoring the range of the active area. Surveillance cameras are greatly affected by the environment, for monitoring ... view more

Application of Yuwei high precision meteorological instrument bearings in meteorological industry

The application of Yuwei's high-precision meteorological instrument bearings in the meteorological industry refers to meteorological instruments. Everyone generally feels very strange. In fact, meteorological instruments are closely related to our lives. It is easy to see these equipment such as highways or airports. In order to help customers understand the importance of bearing selection in meteorological instruments, let us first understand the composition of meteorological equipment: meteorological sensors, data loggers, power systems, lightweight shutters, field protection boxes and stainless steel brackets, etc., which can be used in wind power , Meteorology, industry, agriculture, hydrology and water ... see more

Application of Royal Micro Bearings in Infusion Pumps and Syringe Pumps

The application of Royal Micro Bearings in infusion pumps and syringe pumps. First of all, let us understand the infusion pump: it is a medical automatic infusion device. It uses microcomputer technology to comprehensively control the infusion process, and uses a finger peristaltic pump as the power source. A variety of sensors monitor critical locations and perform high-precision infusion and infusion, which is suitable for intravenous drip infusion of disposable infusion sets for patients in the ICU monitoring unit, operating room, and observation room of the hospital, and for continuous constant infusion of medical fluids in clinical use . Then the question comes, what does the continuous operation of the equipment need to cooperate with efficient operation ... see more

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. officially launched!

Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd. officially launched! Shanghai Yuwei Bearing Co., Ltd., with the product trademark "YW", was established in the 1990s, and is an old micro bearing manufacturer in Shanghai. Located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, the company enjoys convenient transportation, advanced communications, and an excellent geographical location. The factory covers an area of 12,000 square meters and a building area of 6,000 square meters. It is well-equipped, has a smooth process flow, and sophisticated test equipment. Raw materials enter the factory to the closed production of finished products. In order to make enterprises better involved ... view more

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